Winter Friendly LawnThe winter season tends to drain all of us. The cold weather means that we don’t get as much sun, which can leave you feeling tired and generally down. One solution to this problem is to make your backyard winter friendly using landscaping and hardscaping. Make your backyard warm and inviting for guests as well as yourself in the wintertime with these cold weather tips.

  • Build a Fire Pit – Fire pits are great for the winter and can add a great aesthetic to your backyard as well. Making s’mores over the fire doesn’t just have to be a summer pastime. Stay cozy by adding some throw blankets to the chairs near the fire pit.
  • Create an Outdoor Kitchen – Outdoor kitchens will help you stay warmer in the winter, while giving you the opportunity to cook outdoors like you would in the summer. An outdoor kitchen is great all year round, but is especially nice during the winter months when you’re craving both warm foods and a little of the outdoors.
  • In Ground Hot Tub – There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice a love of water in the winter. Add an in ground hot tub near your in ground pool. It will blend well into your hardscaping and keep you nice and warm during the cold months.

Don’t get the winter blues. Add some resale value to your home while simultaneously keeping yourself warm and soaking up what little sun there is this time of year. Your guests will appreciate the extra space to move around during the holidays and you’ll enjoy being able to sit around the fire and reminiscing with friends and relatives. Making your backyard winter friendly is a great way to connect with people!

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