A fence is a great tool for a kid-safe pool!

Having your own pool is one of summertime’s greatest delights. However, certain safety measures must be followed in order to ensure that everyone has the best possible time. This is even more true if children will be regularly swimming in your pool. So, how exactly do you go about ensuring that you have a kid-safe pool? Below you will find some important guidelines to make sure people of all ages can safely engage in summer fun.

Adult Supervision Is Key

If there are ever any kids at your pool, make sure that an adult is keeping a close eye. It is important that there is someone keeping constant watch who is not distracted by technology, entertaining, cooking, or other guests. Always make sure a phone is nearby in case of emergencies.

A Kid-Safe Pool Is Prepared For Emergencies

Keep safety equipment on hand just in case. Flotation devices with ropes attached and a safety hook must be close by in order to rescue those who experience emergencies while swimming. Learning basic CPR is highly recommended if you own a pool. You can contact the American Red Cross to find out about local CPR courses.

Safety Fences Make For A Kid-Safe Pool

In many cities and towns across the country, a safety fence is legally required to be installed around a pool. While specifications vary state by state and county by county, there is a reason these fences are required and often specifically designed to prevent children from climbing over them and gaining access to your unsupervised pool. Unsupervised swimming is dangerous and highly preventable, if you have the right fence.


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