LandscapingNo one likes mosquitoes. They are one of the biggest downers of the warmer seasons. Mosquitoes can make a fun afternoon in the yard into a nightmare when they swarm and bite you. There are a ton of different methods of getting rid of the, but not all of them are safe or environmentally friendly. DEET, a popular chemical in insect repellant can cause all sorts of health problems such as headaches, neurotoxicity, muscle weakness, and many other symptoms. This harmful chemical might get rid of the mosquitoes, but natural deterrents can often work just as well or better. They’re also not going to ruin your yard or the health of you and your family. So, let’s check out some of your options for natural deterrents you can incorporate into your next landscaping project.

Plants that Will Help

Certain plants that are placed into your yard or garden will help ward off some of these pesky little biters before they become a problem. Marigolds, Chrysanthemums, Asters, and Pyrethrum Daisies are all thought to deter mosquitoes from nesting in your yard. Some herbs that might also help are Basil, Anise, and Coriander. If you incorporate some of these plants into your garden or landscaping project then you may find yourself with fewer mosquitoes when July hits. Make sure to dump out your watering cans and other water carriers once you’ve finished with your gardening. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so minimize their breeding grounds as you go.

Ward Off While You Work

While you’re outside working in your garden, make sure to wear light-fitting long sleeved clothing to minimize your exposed surface area. You can also utilize one of the many natural oils available to keep mosquitoes off of you as well. Some oils that can help a lot are catnip oil, cinnamon oil, and vanilla oil mixed with a little olive oil can each do the job of repelling mosquitoes rather well. They’re also completely natural and safe for you and the environment.

Ready to rid yourself of mosquitoes?

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