Watering your plants correctly is a huge part of having a well-groomed yard.

Unless you have a real green thumb it may be difficult to know whether a plant is thirsty. Every living thing needs water, but some things need more water than others. Proper watering techniques ensure the health of your plants and can help your garden landscape looking stunning throughout the whole season. Let’s explore some ways we can understand the right way to water our plants to ensure a beautiful landscape.

Making the Judgement

Sometimes finding out watering needs can be one Google search away, but more often than not it comes down to the gardener’s judgment. Overwatering your plant can damage it as much as depriving it of water, so the best way to tell when to water your plant is in the soil. If your soil is dry it is time to water your plant. You can also lift your plant if it is in a pot to test how heavy it is- the heavier the pot, the moister the soil is. Over time it gets easier and easier to tell when your plants are thirsty or when it is properly watered. For plants in the ground, there are soil moisture sensors available, allowing you to know for sure when watering is required.

How to Water Your Plant

If you’ve determined it is the right time to water your plant, you may be wondering how much you should water. Don’t spray them and walk away, follow these tips for the perfect watering. One of the most important things to remember is the physiology of plants- the roots of the plant need water, not the top of the plants. Watering leaves of a plant can actually cause damage so focus on the base of the plant and hit the roots. In heavy soil, it can take a while for the water to penetrate to the roots, and it is okay to check back using a finger or shovel to test.

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