Landscaping: it’s lush and has a way of making an office or storefront look that much more luxurious. But besides attracting customers and clients with a manicured appearance and inviting outdoor space, landscaping also has the potential to reduce operational costs for building owners. How? By reducing something else on the property: the heat island effect. With plants and trees in place to shade parking lots and large paved areas, the temperature immediately outside of an office building will lower, as greenery filters sunlight from pounding on the pavement and creating more heat. This translates to less money spent cooling the interior of a building because the temperature on the exterior isn’t as high.

Another energy saving perk of well-planned landscapes? Strategically placed trees can also go a long way in reducing the heat inside a building by providing shade for windows that face the sun. What this equates to is less stress placed on HVAC equipment to maintain a bearable temperature, which again, means less money spent on monthly utility bills – especially in the summer. Start planning to save for the warm weather now with an energy efficient landscape.

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Benefits of Good Landscape Design