You never thought your landscape could be likened to a superhero – generally, we think that the art of landscaping functions in a primarily aesthetic manner.  But now there’s evidence that a little greenery can be as effective as a crime-fighting detective. Studies spanning the course of several decades conducted by the College of the Environment, University of Washington and published in Green Guides: Good Health have revealed that there is less crime in green urban environments. That’s not all, either: the mental and physical health of city dwellers has been shown to improve when they are surrounded by trees and gardens.

landscaping benefits

Businesses that relegate a budget for landscaping design and maintenance save money while improving safety: in the long run, expenditures for property damage repairs and property upkeep decrease. That’s because, as the study suggests, green areas produce the positive results of lessening minor crimes like vandalism, littering, and graffiti. They’ve also been associated with lowering incidences of domestic violence, property crimes, and even violent crimes.

What other goodies come with going green? Green Cities: Good Health predicts that adding trees, shrubs, and other plants to an area simultaneously improves the environment by reducing temperatures, concealing noisy traffic sounds, and absorbing air pollution. If that doesn’t make you breathe easy, this will: studies show that adequate plant habitats can cut down on the prevalence of early childhood asthma.

Well-designed landscapes, then, have all the capacity to transform communities not just aesthetically, but also on a deeper level, adding layers of built-in protection to the businesses and people that are a part of cities across the nation.

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Landscaping Promotes Good Health and Reduces Crime – True!