Fire pits for the outdoor environment

Are you looking to use your outdoor space year round? Then you want to consider a backyard fire pit and there are things you should know before the fire pit installation. Visitors to any social gathering no longer want to just sit out on the deck or patio to enjoy barbecue. They want fire pits for gathering. They want beautiful flower beds, vegetable gardens and lavish outdoor kitchens. They want to enjoy the outdoors year round, including fall and winter. Fire pits are so in demand for home living that new home communities are including fire pits within the home package of high-end homes. Is a fire pit right for your lifestyle? It really depends on how you want to use your outdoor space.

Fire pits are very affordable home features and they go well with custom seating. You have a choice whether your fire pit is a permanent fixture of your home property or portable. When permanent, use the fire pit as the focal point of your yard to make your backyard more attractive. If you worry about adding something permanent to your landscape, you should consider a lightweight, portable fireplace. This will help you take your fire pit to any gathering. But those who desire a permanent fireplace, many homeowners go for a built-design, which complements the theme of their home exterior design. To pull off this stylish feature, the professional contractor will match materials for the fire pit with your home material.

No matter your fire pit design,  you will need to use proper stones and other essential material for your fire pit. You will also need to keep safety and circulation in mind. Most modern home fire pits use gas to enjoy an instant fire. For safety, your fire pit should be at least 10 ft away from the home, fences, overhanging and other fire hazards. Check in with your community association to make sure you have permission to have a fire pit. From there you can truly appreciate the ambiance fire pits offer. Rhine Landscaping is here to help you reap the benefits of fire pits. Check out our fire pits today to see how we can help you beautify your landscape design.

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