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How is the heat of summer going to affect your plants?

The heat of the summer sun can be very hard on plants. Temperatures of 90° or above can damage the plants in your yard, even your grass. Your landscaping is an investment worth protecting, so we’re dishing out some information on the damage that heat can cause to your plants and what you can do to help. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s save those plants!

The sun can be devastating on multiple levels.

When the sun constantly beats down on your plants and grass all day, the effects can be devastating. What happens is that the life cycle of your plants can be interrupted. That means that they may not be able to get the water and release the oxygen they need to. Photosynthesis has some trouble operating around 94° and temperatures of 115° can kill plants. Vegetables are able to sustain themselves in decently high temperatures, but even they are susceptible to the dangers of too much heat.

Ready to save your plants from heat?

Saving your plants from a heat wave is very possible. You should mulch them with a reflective mulch made of dry grass clippings. You could also choose something else as long as it is lightly colored and therefore, reflective. You should also make sure to water your plants in the morning before the sun starts its relentless shining. That way they can absorb their water and nutrients without interference from the heat. If you have new transplants, you should utilize some of the shade of larger plants or trees, just to keep them safer.

Need some help keeping your plants safe from the heat? We can help.

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