tree thinning

In some areas prone to wind damage, thinning is essential for reducing that damage.

Tree thinning is the process of cutting branches in order to make a tree smaller.  In some areas prone to wind damage, thinning is essential for reducing that damage.  You may see this process in action when trees need to be cut away from power lines.  But how does tree thinning help you, the homeowner?  We have an ISA certified arborist who can work with you on this issue.  Rhine Landscaping will help you understand how thinning can be beneficial to your residential landscape, so you can decide if it’s right for you.  

Thinning can be done on all sizes of trees.


If you’re concerned that your tree is too small to be thinned, that’s okay.  Even small trees, such as citrus trees, are able to be thinned.  Mostly, this kind of change would be for the aesthetics of your landscape.  If your tree needs to be thinner, or cut into its own shape in order to fit your style, thinning may help.  Thinning done properly should never change the size of the tree in any dramatic way, so your tiny tree will stay tiny and continue looking neat.


Thinning improves durability.


When there are fewer branches in the crown of a tree, wind is able to pass through without as much restriction.  This leads to less storm damage, if you live in an area susceptible to this.  Not only are you protected from falling trees, a thinned tree will cause less stress on individual branches and the trunk of the tree.  This is especially helpful when you have a professional able to select the specific branches where thinning would be beneficial in order to reduce that mechanical pressure.  It helps during the winter, too, when snow and ice form on your branches and cause extra duress.


What’s the best way to thin?


Structural pruning is probably your best bet towards having a successfully thinned tree.  This way, you can take away defects like cracks or cavities, which can lead to rotting and wildlife damage.  Once you’ve thinned the tree of those defects, you can start to trim the tree aesthetically to produce the perfect shape.  Your tree will be beautiful and safe.


Potential problems


Unfortunately, many people tend to overthin their trees.  Overthinning can lead to structural damage and is usually conducted by amateurs who don’t understand how to thin.  Branches are fragile–without that extra weight, they could break.  Unaware customers will see piles of brush on the ground and assume the job is being done.  Rhine Landscaping will ensure that your tree is thinned perfectly, and we won’t overcharge you.  You’ll be paying for a professional, and you’ll have trees that are properly thinned in a way that you need it done.


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