During the holiday season, we bring the indoors out, giving Christmas trees a spot to thrive in our homes and holly a hangout. Many of the plants used as decorative items this time of year make an equally decorative addition to landscapes year round. Plus, with access to material to create garlands, centerpieces, and wreaths, you can have fresh-cut greenery around the holidays without having to spend the cash that would be better reserved for gift-giving. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep your yard looking festive no matter the time of year.

Helpful Holly

An evergreen bush, holly can be used around the foundation of a home to boost visual interest with their vibrant red and green colors while deterring intruders with their thorny leaves.

All Aglow

Lights don’t have to be relegated to the holiday season alone: classic looking stringed lights can be used to light paths and provide a whimsical ambiance to outdoor patio parties when the weather is warm and not wintery.

Classic Color Combos

Blue and silver are the second standard in holiday colors next to red and green, and they make a great palette for a landscape. Blue fescue and silver mound will keep your garden looking cool even when the cold is long gone.

Decorating Delight

Sprucing up spruce trees with decorations is a time-honored holiday tradition, and traditions endure for a reason. Try applying decorating principals when planning your garden: jazz up single-hued evergreen bushes with host as or another bright flower to ornament your landscape.

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10 Easy Holiday Inspired Landscaping Ideas