Landscape Contractor

Why hire a landscape contractor? Landscaping on your own can be a fun project, but getting it done right requires a pro.

Homeowners with an inclination towards zen and beauty may find landscaping cathartic. It can be relaxing to come home from work and design your garden, go to the nursery, select your plants, haul them home, prep your yard, research proper planting procedure, set the plants, complete your process, clean everything up, and then pray it works. Wait, really? There’s a lot more work involved in designing your own garden than you might have initially thought. For the common do-it-yourselfer, especially if you’ve got a background in nature, outsourcing your garden’s growth may seem as silly as hiring a maid when you can do the dishes yourself. But asking for help from professionals can save you a world of trouble in the end.

So Obvious, You May Have Missed It

Unless you’re a trained horticulturist or a landscaper yourself, you may not know everything there is to know about designing and executing your dream garden. A professional landscape contractor has contacts throughout the area. They know where to get a less expensive variety of the exact look you want. They know how to spot diseases in what may seem like a perfectly good plant to you. They know which types of soil don’t get along well with which types of plants. They know the seasons when certain shrubs should be planted, or how deep to dig for setting a sapling. They know where in a yard each plant belongs, based on soil type, sun exposure, and existing flora and fauna. They can even suggest ideas you might not have thought of from other yards they’ve done – and work with you to alter its application in your home. When there’s so much to be studied, wouldn’t it make sense to let the experts do their jobs?

You’re Being Paid to Do Your Job All Day Long as It Is!

It can be very exhausting to come home, ready to crash and remember that you started a time-sensitive project that affects your family’s daily visual feast. A Landscape contractor will have the right tools and the right manpower to effectively complete a job that may have taken you much longer, and to do it right, with a guarantee. If you purchase a plant yourself and damage it, you’re out that money, aren’t you? A contractor will replace the damaged product. They’ll prepare for human error by blocking off cable and utility lines and are physically accustomed to the workload. No end of damage can be done to your back and your muscles if you don’t know the right way to be careful. There’s no sense in risking injury to your tools, yourself, your lawn, and the private property of others when you could hire a landscape contractor to help you. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to leave everything up to someone else! If you genuinely enjoy working in your yard, leave yourself the fun stuff – the flower planting, grass cutting, shrub trimming, herb gardening stuff!

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

Rhine Landscaping can work with you to maximize your yard’s potential, and let you feel involved in the process! We have the expertise and knowledge to complete any and all of the landscaping projects on your list. For more information about our services, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 442-2445. For more tips on how to keep your yard and pool looking great year round, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Houzz.