While the winter season is generally slow for landscaping projects in Howard County, there are many opportunities to enhance your lawn and landscape around your home.

Outdoor patio
Backyard patio multi level including steps and walls


Patios are one of Rhine’s most popular outdoor living space options.  Oftentimes, homeowners prefer these to be built over the winter so that they are ready to be used when the weather gets warmer and as the Spring season nears.  Usually, people want their patio to be built in winter so that it will be fully complete and ready to use in spring. Building a patio during the winter will not affect your existing plants or shrubs.




Retaining walls

Retaining wall with center patio and fire pit

Retaining walls are another hardscaping service that has countless benefits.  Depending on the design and purpose, retaining walls can be used as seat walls or offer containment.  The most important feature of a retaining wall is the protection provided against ground shifting, erosion, wind control, and proper routing of water (drainage).  By rerouting water away from your home, the retaining wall during the wintertime helps with proper yard drainage and throughout the year.

If you have had plants damaged by cold, winter winds in the past, just imagine the protection a retaining wall will offer them. Water runoff from storms, snow, and sleet will be dramatically improved by installing a retaining wall.


Patio with retaining wall steps integrated lighting


Hardscaping implies the non-living elements in a landscape design. These are the ‘harder’ elements, such as concrete, stone, rocks, bricks, pavers, or wood.

There are countless options with hardscaping, including: