Should you use natural stone or interlocking concrete walls? We help clear things up.

Landscape walls offer numerous benefits to any home. While they serve valuable functions, they can also be visually stunning and even serve as focal points which tie an entire landscape together. There are many choices to be made in hardscaping, and the decision between natural stone walls or interlocking concrete is one. Ultimately, it depends on your needs, tastes, existing hardscaping, and budget. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each material so you can make the right hardscaping decision for you.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is diverse, including options such as fieldstone, flagstone, brownstone, and others. Material costs vary widely, but installation is almost more expensive than other options. Natural stone offers a beautiful natural look. It also better suits some homes, particularly older ones. It works best on low decorative accent walls and does not require any special connections to create. However, natural stone can be more expensive, and is not appropriate for walls taller than 3 feet. It is also more easily broken unless mortar is used, which requires maintenance as it will crack over time. 

Interlocking Concrete

Interlocking concrete wall materials have become more popular in the last few decades for quite a few reasons. Color blends, sizes, textures, and numerous features have made them popular. This type of wall is usually more affordable and comes in a wider variety of options. They make for great retaining walls larger than 3 feet, and how heavy they are makes them hard to damage or break. However, if you want the look of natural stone or need to match your hardscaping to already existing stone, interlocking concrete will not match it aswell. It is also limited when it comes to creating turns with a sharp radius. While actual material cost is higher than natural stone, installation costs are lower, which generally results in a lower overall price in many cases.

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