Growing Plants

Growing the right plants can attract all kinds of beautiful wildlife to your yard.

Your yard may benefit from the addition of some lively birds, butterflies, and bees. The sounds of buzzing and chirping will make your yard seem like the whole thing is alive. If you start growing the proper plants, you can attract these natural beauties while also providing them with food and shelter. Not only is it good for making your yard look amazing, but it’s great for the world as a whole. Here’s Rhine Landscaping’s tip to growing plants to attract wildlife.

Growing Native Plants

If you’re trying to get into growing plants that attract wildlife, consider using native plants that grow in the area you live in normally. They provide nectar for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees, while also giving birds tasty things to snack on. These kinds of plants are necessary to keep the local wildlife in your area sheltered and fed. It’ll attract all kinds of insects, which in turn give birds to eat, and so on. Plus, your garden will look beautiful!

Pollen and Nectar

If you pick nectar and pollen-rich plants, such as wildflowers and old-fashioned varieties of flowers, your garden will certainly look different. Having blooming annuals, perennials, and shrubs is best so nectar and pollen are available through the whole growing season. Plants like dill, fennel, and milkweed will give butterfly larvae something to eat too. Growing plants that protect pollinators is good for the world and your yard.

Providing Shelter, Food, and Water

Butterflies and bees need shelter to hide from the elements and predators. There are a few ways you can help offer shelter. Let part of your lawn grow wild, or let a pile of grass cuttings or a log decompose. Nesting boxes can also help. Adding feeders will help attract hummingbirds and butterflies alike, but if you install a water garden, you’ll attract all kinds of critters.

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