Limited outdoor space by no means limits the fun you can have outdoor entertaining. Applying small and simple outdoor kitchen ideas can be easy and enjoyable with the help of portable and prefabricated products which make outdoor dining and cooking a possibility. There are countless options when it comes to carroll county landscaping and other projects.  

Designing a fun and functional outdoor kitchen in a small space requires a little handy know-how and a lot of creativity. The first step you must take in creating your ideal outdoor kitchen is measuring the space. Regardless of the size of the area you have to work with, precise measurements are a key step in planning and designing any outdoor kitchen. A quality measuring tape or laser distance measurer will make any venture easy.


Your outdoor kitchen can be customized to your tastes.

Getting Started On Your Outdoor Kitchen

The Elements Of An Outdoor Kitchen

In order to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for you, it is important to decide on what elements you consider must-haves. Typical outdoor kitchens include a grill or other cooking element, some counter and storage space, and can also include a sink or bar and beverage service area. For elements of your outdoor kitchen that require plumbing, electrical, or gas, it is important to consult with a licensed contractor.

Islands Make It Easy  

One way to get the most of an outdoor kitchen in a small space is to utilize a prefabricated and modular kitchen island. These come in a variety of colors, textures, and makes. Many even include stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Islands are especially useful as they can be portable or fixed in the center of your space. If you choose the second option, all four sides of the island can be utilized for storage, counter, seating, and serving space.


Utilizing An Unusual Space

If the area you want to use for your outdoor kitchen is unusually shaped or you prefer a more unique look, consider a rounded or triangular layout. If you have a corner to work with, a corner kitchen can be a stylish way to maximize space and access to cabinets and appliances.   


Consider Portability  

Portability and storage are an excellent option for smaller spaces as they offer versatility. You can adjust your outdoor kitchen and entertainment space to suit your needs. Tables and chairs that fold or stack can make a huge difference. A successful outdoor kitchen does not necessarily require a lot of large, fixed pieces. A portable tabletop grill and a serving and prep cart can be all you need for a functional outdoor kitchen.

Creating An Outdoor Kitchen Of Your Own   

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