Bring your lawn back to life!

Bring your lawn back to life!

The winter months can be exceptionally hard on your lawn. The freezing temperatures combined with the weeks of being covered by snowy patches has probably destroyed your once beautiful yard. What was once an inviting, green blanket has become a brown wasteland, so now it’s time to bring it back to life. After all, Spring is the time of rebirth, right?

Clear Away the Debris

The first thing you should do before you even begin thinking about laying seeds is clearing away all the obstructing debris. So, grab your rake and get those leaves out of the way. Make sure to pick up and rocks, asphalt, or tree branches that may have stumbled into your yard during the winter. You should also identify any dead patches of grass as well as patches that are just dirt. Figure out which sections are going to be more problematic so that you’ll be ready to plant the seeds.

Timing is everything.

The climate often dictates the best time to plant grass seeds. After all, you want your grass to have its best chance of survival. Expert farmers have deduced that the best time to plant grass in Maryland is either in the early fall or in the early spring. So, if your lawn needs some reseeding then now is the time. Spring is here, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. So, run out and grab some seeds. Wait, there are a lot of different kinds of grass seeds. How do you know which one is right for your yard? Well, Mayland is a strange area. We have very cold winters and our summers can get pretty hot.

Warm or Cool?

Grass can be divided into two different groups. There are warm weather grasses and cool weather grasses. These are simply guidelines for grass selection. Warm weather grasses can live in cool climates and vice versa. You might have to work extra hard to keep them thriving though. So, because Maryland is in a tough spot, which one should you choose? Well, either one might give you some kind of trouble and require reseeding in the fall, but you can talk to us for a more thorough recommendation when you need to get your yard back in shape.

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