Fall is the perfect time to start addressing your perennials, those flowers, plants and shrubs that are capable of braving the harsh winter weather without much help. But they do need some help. And protecting your perennials from the elements will result in greener bushes, larger blooms, and long-lasting growth.

Here are some tips to help you winterize your perennials:

  1. Fertilize: Fertilize one month after the first frost (typically late fall).
  2. Trim Bushes: Trim floral bushes (like roses) and cut away any dead canes. Then soak them in water and apply a rose fertilizer. Once this is done, surround the bushes with mulch or straw to help the soil retain water throughout the winter. In very cold spots, wrap your roses with several layers of burlap.
  3. Trim Perennial Bulbs: Trim your perennial bulbs close to the ground, soak with water, and then cover with fertilizer. Once this is done, spread 4 inches of straw or mulch around to protect your bulbs.
  4. Mulch: Use mulch or compost around your perennials, but remember to never pack it down. This would restrict airflow to the roots while also promoting the growth of mold and fungus – two things you want to avoid.
  5. Play Doctor: Prepare your perennial for renewed growth by removing weak and diseased stems and branches.
  6. Divide Perennials: Divide your perennials in the fall if they are not blooming well, the stems are bending over, or there are bare spots. Most benefit from division every three to five years.
  7. Water: If it does not rain or snow, do not forget to water your perennials at least once a month.

So get to work and make sure your landscape looks its best even in the dead of winter.

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Often considered “softscape”, trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, are the outdoor elements that make your house a home. Functionality is the driving force behind strong landscaping design, followed by visual appeal. Professional landscape architects will develop a customized plan based on the unique features of the client’s home and outdoor space. Plants have to be chosen carefully, taking into consideration appropriate heights, desired look, color coordination, textures, and bloom times.

Rhine Landscaping in Maryland also offers landscape maintenance features that will help ensure that plants, flowers and trees stay strong and healthy, allowing the client to enjoy them for many seasons.

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Get Your Perennials Ready for Winter