Spring hasn’t yet sprung, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spring into action in preparing your garden for the warm weather ahead. Here are our tips for getting your landscape slated for spring.

Lawn: Rake away any leaves, branches, and debris lingering from the winter season, and check for any areas that need to be reseeded or weeded. Weather permitting, get your lawn looking luxurious by giving it a good mow, taking the time to edge the perimeter for a clean look.

Fertilize: Get your soil’s pH at a happy, healthy level by putting down fertilizer and any necessary soil amendments, like compost. Be sparing about how much you use, reserving it for the areas that really need to be revitalized.

Beds: Turn soil in garden beds with a hoe or shovel, being careful to dodge delicate roots and plant life. Expect weeds to sprout in the weeks following this procedure; turn the soil again to suffocate them.

Edibles: Get your garden ready for vegetables by putting clear plastic over the soil where they will ultimately be planted in order to warm the soil and allow for premature planting of warm-weather crops.

Whether it’s fresh veggies your after or simply an immaculate lawn, the Maryland landscaping experts at Rhine Landscaping in the Baltimore area can help.

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How to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape Beds in the Spring