Gardening Tips for the Fall Season

Container Gardening for the Fall Season

As the leaves change color and the weather cools, many flowers and plants will begin to brown and die off.

autumn flower plantingIf you would like to keep some color around your landscape through the Fall Season – and cooler months for that matter – here are some tips for planting cool-weather potted plants.

Many plants thrive through the colder temperatures and container gardens can supply a nice variation of greenery in life when much of the vegetation in your landscape withers away in winter.

  • Select plants that can live through multiple light frosts, like chrysanthemums, phlox, and coneflowers.
  • Water plants until the soil freezes to keep roots nourished.
  • Eliminate liquid fertilizer, as new growth is fragile and may not make it through the lower temperatures.

Try these pairings for a beautiful and blissfully blooming container:

  • Bergenias, red pansies, and redtwig. Watch your garden transform as the deep green leaves of the Bergenias turn the same scarlet color as the pansies. The redtwig will lend visual height to the plantings.
  • New Zealand flax, “Imperial Antique Shades” pansies, “Amber Waves” and “Plum Pudding” heuchera will provide a palette that matches the autumnal landscape.
  • “Green Giant” arborvitae, “Angelina” sedum, and “Delta Pure Primrose” pansies make a nice winterized planting, the sedum looking Christmas tree-like and the pansies white like snow.

Whatever combination you choose, we’re confident that container plantings will look amazing and thrive! We encourage you to get creative with your container arrangements – just be sure to research plant hardiness before doing so.

At Rhine landscaping, we can help you to enhance your landscape no matter the season. Call us today at 410-442-2445 or click here for more advice about container gardens and other ways to keep your outdoor space colorful even in the cold months.

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