The Fall Season is just a few days away and now is a great time to change up your landscape with new autumn-inspired flowers and plants, and other landscape features!  There are many different fall flowers that will continue to bloom in your yard throughout the coming months and provide your yard with a beautiful burst of fall color. Here are some of our favorite fall plants.

When Should You Plant?

Unless residing in a warm climate, planting for the fall should take place now, as the weather begins to slightly cool.   The ground is not quite as warm and we have had a few rainy days to prepare the soil. The window for planting with a fall flower can be especially small, so pay attention to the forecast and ensure that your flowers won’t undergo heat stress as there can still be fluctuations in temperatures..

Flowers That Will Survive Longer

While you don’t have to limit yourself to only plants that can survive the first frost, it isn’t a bad idea if you are late in the planting season. Many hardy plants can serve a great purpose in your yard and round out the other plantings that you have. Some of the most popular hardy flowers include chrysanthemums, ornamental kale, flowering cabbages, and dusty miller. Flowering cabbage is a particularly clever option because they will continue to remain in your yard long after every other flower has been killed by the frost. Ornamental cabbage will give your yard some color long after everything else has been covered in snow.

Experiment With Annuals

Annuals are another great way to spruce up your fall landscape. Experiment with different flowers like marigolds, red salvia, white alyssum, nasturtium, lobelia, pansies, and snapdragons. All of these flowers will give you a bright burst of fall color in your yard for a short period of time. Some people worry that planting fall flowers is a waste of money, especially if they only have a short lifespan ahead of them, but if you properly shop the end of summer plant sales you should be able to get beautiful flowers for very low prices.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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