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Custom outdoor hot tub / spa with waterfall feature, installed within an outdoor deck

With the average outdoor hot tub / spa holding about 400 gallons of water, it is a significant responsibility as a homeowner to not only take proper care of the spa, but also the water health as it can otherwise create many issues.


Algae and Debris

If your outdoor spa is near tall trees that may cause debris to fall into the water, or in direct sunlight which can increase the onset of algae, you want to be sure to properly clean it and do so on a schedule.  As the chlorine will help in removing the bacteria, it can get used up quicker than normal.  Therefore, be proactive in keeping the water healthy!  

Algae is often caused by improper water health and can be quickly remedied by using a shocking agent.  It may cause the water to turn color for a short while, but this will circulate as you get the water back to normal.


Clean The Filter!

This might seem like an obvious one, but it tends to get overlooked. Yet, a clean filter can alleviate so many issues.  At the first sight of cloudy or murky water, excess debris, or a buildup of algae, change the filter.  Then, run the filter for at least an hour, twice daily.   The purpose is to keep the filter working and cycling the water to prevent a build-up of bacteria.


If you have had a lot of friends or family over and many folks have been in your spa, you may notice the water having turned a bit cloudy.  This is often caused by body oils, soaps on the skin, and dead skin cells.

If your water has in fact turned, your sanitation levels may be a bit lower than where they need to be.  So much of this goes hand-in-hand, so be sure to have correct levels of chlorine or bromine and enjoy your spa this summer season!


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