fall tree planting

Want to go for bright and beautiful fall colors? A sugar maple has fiery red and orange leaves in the fall.

Fall is undoubtedly tree season. There is nothing quite like wandering down a country lane in autumn and looking at the beauty of all of the leaves. Did you know, however, that it is an amazing time to plant trees of your own? If you are thinking of taking full advantage of the season with some fall tree planting, take a look at this helpful guide.

When Is The Best Time For Fall Tree Planting

You will find the most successful fall tree planting occurs about six weeks before the first signs of a hard frost. In our area, this means that September and October make for the best fall tree planting. While autumn continues into November, if you plant too late in the fall the roots will not have time to be established before the ground freezes and winter sets in.

Why Is Fall Tree Planting So Ideal?

The fall offers pleasant planting weather and lots of rain, which will keep your young trees happy and healthy. The cool fall air is also far kinder to young trees than the other seasonal extremes. Extreme heat and cold can be hard on even the hardiest of trees.  Trees get stressed when they are moved or planted, and the soothing fall weather gives them time to develop healthy root systems and have a leg up come spring.

Which Trees Are Best To Plant In The Fall?

In our area, there are so many options. What trees you plant depends on your tastes and needs. If you are looking for some beautiful autumnal color, consider these beauties:

  • Ginko
  • Maple
  • Red Twig Dogwood

If you are looking for a multipurpose tree which will bloom with delicious flavor, consider these delightful trees:

  • Apple Tree
  • Cherry Tree
  • Plum Tree

If you crave a property of beautiful flowers, these gorgeous trees will provide a ton of visual impact:

  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Flowering Crabapple
  • Redbud

Rhine Landscaping Can Help With your Fall Tree Planting

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