Lawn Care

These lawn care tips are perfect for keeping your landscape looking wonderful during the fall.

When the air gets crisper and the grass begins to grow more slowly it can seem like your lawn care work is over for the season. Although the truth is, fall is one of the most important times for lawn care. If you take the time to care for your lawn properly during the early fall, it will have a better chance to be healthier when it begins to grow again the following spring. There are several ways you can boost your lawn’s performance just before it goes dormant for the winter.

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

  • Fertilize: Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Based on the nitrogen concentration of your lawn, you will need to calculate how much fertilizer you will need.
  • Weed Removal: Fertilizer is the ideal solution in regard to weed control. Frequent mowing at a high cutting height acts as an additional defense against the growth of weeds by preventing access to the light needed for germination.
  • Thatch Control: The fall is the ideal time to check the amount of thatch that has built up in your yard over the summer. Thatch is composed of dead grass clippings, clumped root systems, and other collections of tightly packed greenery that can choke your lawn and keep it from thriving.
  • Drought Repair: If drought persists into the fall, you’ll want to water your lawn a couple times a week long enough to soak the soil several inches deep.
  • Seeding: Lawns that are seeded or sodded in the fall will be the healthiest in the spring. The best thing you can do for your lawn is give it plenty of time to grow and develop deep root systems.

Most Importantly

Last but not least, we have aeration! This process will help your lawn strive by being aired out. Before starting the lawn aeration process, cut your lawn short and water it lightly until you can easily push your index finger roughly one inch into the ground. If the ground is hard, the aerator won’t be able to penetrate the soil and the seed will not have the holes in the ground and loose soil it needs to germinate, root, and establish. For best results, make multiple passes with the aerator to avoid inconsistent grass growth with noticeable stand-alone patches of grass.

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