Perhaps the expectation of yard work and landscaping care is left for the adults to do, but there are many projects that are great to work alongside children!  Take advantage of the cool, autumn air, and get your kids outdoors for a bit…because in a few months when it’s really cold, everyone will be stuck inside with the endless, “I’m bored” routine!

So, while it’s beautiful outside now, here are some great fall landscaping projects that families can work on together that will bring joy to the kiddos!


Birds, Pets, and Butterflies, Oh My

If you are an in area where there is a lot of chirping up in the trees, why not bring some of that down closer to your children? A great project is to either install or create your own bird bath. Fresh water can be quite hard to find by many animals. Providing an easier method will help navigate birds to your bird bath more frequently.

A shallow pot, dedicated bird bath, or something you can make with your children will work perfectly. Once you have decided on the perfect bird bath, find an area that has low hanging branches, but also not too far off from a window so that you can all admire and perhaps photograph the birds that will soon show up!


Butterflies love bright, vibrant colors. Choosing fall flowers that are abundant in reds, pinks, oranges, and purples are great and if you need help on deciding what flowers or plants are best, contact one of our professionals for assistance. Ice plants, as an example, are very hearty. They are green most of the year and bloom shades of pink and purple in the spring and fall. Butterflies, and even hummingbirds, love these flowers.


Fire Pits

A fire pit is a great feature for a backyard and can be enjoyed throughout most of the year. While a professionally-designed and built fire pit has many benefits, children and parents can help build a basic setup on their own. Please be sure everything and everyone is safe doing this. Find a flat, even ground surface and lay paving stones in a tight, circular pattern. Make sure that you are not near any shrubs or trees, far enough from any structures. A good size for a fire pit would be approximately three feet wide and about fifteen inches in height. Fill the bottom with several pebbles and add several inches of compacted sand.


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