It may seem counter intuitive, but fall is actually one of the best times for planting.

Sprint has the best reputation when it comes to planting. The weather is beginning to warm up and the leaves are returning to the trees. Because of these factors, most people find it to be the perfect time to start a garden. All these things are true, but have you considered the benefits of turning your gardening ambitions on its head and getting started in the fall? Your instincts may be telling you that this doesn’t make sense but there are many benefits to fall planting that will ultimately lead to you having a lush and beautiful garden and overall landscape.

Consider the Soil

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of the mild temperatures in the air and some of the lasting effects that the summer sun has had on the dirt. Planting in the fall will not only be more comfortable for you as the gardener, but your budding plants will thank you too as the soil still retains some warmth from the summer months. If you’re moving some of your more mature plants or adding new ones, the fall season gives you plenty opportunity to keep up with your land before the winter weather.

Remember the Roots

Springtime brings out the upward growth in your plants, but the fall season is when they dig deep into the earth to establish strong root systems. This will give them the strength to withstand the harsh temperatures that are soon to come in winter, when they go dormant for the season. Even as the weather is starting to chill thee ground a bit on the surface, it will take much longer for that cold to reach the roots as they grow deeper and stronger into the ground.

Manage the Moisture

Fall is the perfect time for planting because of the moisture in the atmosphere. Foggy mornings and fall rains are just what your new plants will need before going dormant for the winter. It helps, especially in the event of a dry summer as gardening that was established in the spring may not have gotten all the moisture that they need to fully mature. Plants that are established in the fall have a chance to gather that moisture into their roots, take their winter snooze, and prepare to bloom strong and high in the coming spring.

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