Do you love this outdoor fire feature we built? Call us today so we can start designing yours next!

Do you love this outdoor fire feature we built? Call us today so we can start designing yours next!

Are you ready to enjoy outdoor living this spring? As a homeowner, there are several hardscaping features available to you that can drastically enhance the value, appeal, and function of your outdoor space. If you are looking for something less elaborate than a full outdoor kitchen, consider an outdoor fire feature! Let’s talk about your options.

Types of Customizable Outdoor Fire Features

Outdoor fire features are highly customizable. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fully functionally pizza oven – the experts at Rhine Landscaping can make your vision a reality. We design various fire features with optimal safety in mind, while considering necessary drainage systems and landscape restrictions. Our outdoor fire features can be constructed with fireproof brick and feature various styles of stone for ultimate aesthetic appeal.

Types of Ignition Systems for Your Fireplace or Fire Pit

At Rhine Landscaping, we use the highly quality materials on the market to ensure the function, safety, and appeal of your outdoor fire feature. We can design and install a fireplace or fire pit for you that features any of the following ignition systems: wood burning, natural gas, charcoal, or a charcoal/wood burning hybrid. We also offer natural gas fire pits that utilize reusable tempered glass rocks to make your fire dance. Talk about amazing!

The Benefits of Outdoor Fire Features

Outdoor fire features extend your living space, create a beautiful focal point on your property, and enhance your ability to entertain outdoors. By installing a brick pizza oven, you are giving yourself the ability to cook pizza with unmatched quality and flavor. If you opt to install a fireplace or fire pit, you can invite guests over and enjoy life outdoors well after dark. An outdoor fire feature illuminates your space and creates a cozy, warm, and inviting ambiance that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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