As many families are hanging around their home and enjoying the outdoors, now is a great time to think ways to make your landscape more energy-efficient.

Here’s a handful of tips that not only make your home look great, but they can ultimately reduce your energy expenses.

1. Trees! A properly-placed tree not only provides shade year-round, but because of the heat that it can block against your home, you can save about 20-25% on your home energy costs. Be sure that if you are going to plant any trees close to your home, only plant those that fit your landscape, and ideal for your area, based on seasons.

2. If you reside in a home surrounded by trees, did you know that your energy costs can be up to 10% less than your neighbors who do have not have a shaded roof?

3, A shaded lawn can be 20-25% cooler than sunny pavement or concrete.

4. A yard that is shaded by multiple trees can be approximately 5-6 degrees cooler than a yard in direct sunlight.

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