With heavy rains currently in the local Baltimore, Howard, and Montgomery County areas, excessive water can wreak havoc on your home and property. Here are some important tips to help mediate potential drainage or flooding issues. If you need professional assistance, our Rhine Water Management Teams can help with many drainage solutions.


Clearing Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are clear of any debris, such as leaves or branches. Blocked gutters can cause water to run up and over them that can create both pooling on your roof, subsequently entering the structure, as well as an excessive amount of water on the ground, ponding the area below.

Check Your Window Wells

Check your window wells around your basement. They need to be clear from any lying debris so that the water can quickly – and properly – drain as designed. If water accumulates and it pools against the basement windows, it can seep into your basement and quickly result in an interior flood.

If you have a basement door, particularly one that comes off of lower-level steps with a drain at the bottom, make sure it is completely clear as well. Water accumulation in these types of areas can quickly result in water entering your basement and creating many costly repairs.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

Inspect your sump pump drain hoses. Water needs to be draining away from the house and not back-flow into the basement, so be certain that the drain leads outside and away from your home. Many homeowners have a backup pump in the instance of the primary one failing.

For homeowners who have drainage systems throughout your property, make sure these are also clear and not blocked. Rain water will run into any crevice and opening possible, so it is important that it flows away from your home and any structures. Portable pools, outdoor seating, and other elements many folks use this time of year, that are often placed on the yard, can inadvertently be on top of a drain – so check this as applicable.

If you need assistance with any drainage or flooding issues, contact us today to learn more at www.rhinewatermanagement.com and www.rhinelandscaping.com.
Our professional staff can also be contacted via phone at 410-442-2445.

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