The unpredictability of weather often contributes to the sporadic issues related to flooding or ponding of water. In addition, the craftsmanship of your home, grading or settling of your lawn can also lead to drainage issues associated with both rain water or the water within your home and in your basement.

Did you know that drainage issues around your home – and within your home – can result in not only some of the most costly repairs, but are often not covered by many insurance plans?

While puddles of standing water may not seem like the most pressing concern, a properly-designed drainage system is critical in successful landscape design and the health and longevity of your lawn. If you’re concerned about whether or not you need to change up your approach, call Rhine Landscaping at 410-442-2445 or send us a message with questions.

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Effects of Bad Drainage

Over time, grounds can settle and shift, which can often lead to puddling of water on your lawn.  Standing water can lead to many issues:

  • Yellowing of your grass and decrease in grass health, as well as soil erosion.
  • Bad drainage can create low spots in your ground.  Over time, the water can actually shift your ground and make it uneven or unsafe.
  • Excessive water can drown trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants, causing them to die out and drastically change your landscape’s appearance and health.
  • If the water routes near your home’s foundation, or if water puddles nearby, it can cause flooding in your basement.  Thus, mitigating this is crucial as the repair costs and loss of items in your home, can be very high.

Common Fixes for Drainage Issues:

Often times, landscaping can help alleviate some drainage-related problems, but a properly-installed drainage system may be necessary depending on the severity at your home.

  • Utilizing french drains, or area drains, to reduce water from pooling in low spots around your lawn.
  • For areas that may be prone to excessive water, a sump pump might be the best option at proper mitigation.
  • Building a creek or rock bed can help channel water runoff, and look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  • Certain trees, shrubs, and other plants are more tolerable in damp environments and therefore withstand more water than others.

What Can You Do?

Issues involving how your landscape is draining are often best left to professionals. You’ll want to either get a proper system set up within your existing landscape or do a complete redesign. Our Free Consultation will allow you to learn what is most advantageous for your property, from drains, downspouts, or even basement waterproofing.

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