tree, Ellicott City

Tree maintenance is essential for the summertime.

Even in the summer, pruning and trimming a tree is still important.

Your flowerbeds and other landscaping features probably look immaculate at your Ellicott City home, but the poor trees in your yard can take quite a beating. From summer storms, to increased insect damage, trees do not get an offseason. Here are a few ways to give a tree the TCL it deserves.

Pruning and Trimming Routines and Benefits

The heavy snow that trees sometimes receive in Ellicott City can really do a number on limbs and branches, but even summer storms cause havoc. It’s important to establish a routine to identify dead, diseased or unsafe braches, and it’s really important to see if your trees occurred excessive damage during heavy rains or winds. Trimming branches will increase sun exposure and air circulation, and this will help to improve the overall health of your tree.

Improved Appearance

Aside from improving the health of the tree, trimming and pruning will help to improve the aesthetic appeal. Dead and rotting branches are not a pleasant sight, and leaving these decayed branches can take away from the impressive landscaping that encompasses the rest of your yard. You may have safety concerns about cutting limbs and branches down yourself, and that is perfectly understandable. What you can do, however, is work with a professional landscaping service to make sure you improve the health of the tree and keep your landscape pristine.


Proper pruning and trimming helps to keep your family, pets and neighbors safe. The last thing you want is a large branch to fall on your neighbor’s car, so taking care of dead or dying branches helps prevent further decay. Low-hanging branches and limbs can easily injury a curious child or animal, so it’s very important to fix these issues to prevent injuries to yourself, your family and your property.

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