Waterproofing your basement isn’t the time to get handy and pull yourself up by the bootstraps – there are too many risky undertakings involved in the process to seriously consider making it a DIY job. A waterproofing contractor like the well-rounded experts at Rhine Landscaping will help to ensure creating and maintaining a dry basement is a hassle free affair, keeping your space both safe and serviceable.

If your basement is an underutilized area because it is prone to leaks, floods, and dampness, it’s time to have it waterproofed. Not only will it give you additional space for storage and recreation, but it will also protect your home from structural issues arising from a weakened ground level. Below we’ve detailed some of the additional pluses of hiring Rhine Landscaping to waterproof your basement:

  • Tools: If you think you can make a trip to the local hardware store and have everything you need on hand for a waterproofing job, think again – it requires a lot more than some concrete, a spreader, and a little bit of waterproof paint. As professionals in the industry, we have access to high-tech membranes and sealants as well as dehumidifiers and fans to help effectively do away with excess moisture.
  • Training: Because we have years of experience, we can diagnose and solve your wet basement dilemmas quickly. We’ll know whether your moisture is the result of seepage, condensation, or another matter entirely. We’ll know what kind of backfill to use when fixing foundation, trench, and drain issues. Our knowledge will save you time and money.
  • Technique: Since we’re also landscapers, we have the ability to fix moisture problems from the outside-in, unlike most other companies. Creating proper drainage outside will ensure that water doesn’t end up inside where it shouldn’t be.

Leave it to the experts to solve your damp basement problems – it’s a safe and cost effective answer to your wet ground level issues.

At Rhine Landscaping, we not only specialize in all aspects of your landscape design, installation, and upkeep, but also in waterproofing basements. In fact, our motto is, “We believe in keeping rain water outside where it belongs.” Call us today at 410-442-2445 or click here to let us prove to you how we can make your basement a more usable space.

We can help you transform your basement.

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Don’t Risk a DIY Basement Waterproofing Job: Rely on the Pros for a Safe, Dry Basement!