outdoor kitchenWhen most people consider building outdoor kitchens they think “Oh, I’ll just add a barbecue grill and a rolling counter top. That should do it.” While that may be a good solution for an impromptu outdoor kitchen, today’s outdoor kitchens have gotten a lot more sophisticated than that. People love the idea of being able to entertain entirely outdoors and outdoor kitchens give you the freedom to make the whole meal outdoors without constantly running back and forth to grab utensils or ingredients. How can you do all of this outside, you ask? We’ve got some design tips for an outdoor kitchen that should get your ideas sizzling this summer.

  • Food prep area – Did you know that you can build a food prep area right around your grill now? You can either use a mobile grill or you can have one that is built in to the structure, but either way it gives you a place to get the food prepped and ready – leaving your actual kitchen nice and clean. Many outdoor kitchen chefs will also add a sink for easy cleanup that doesn’t require running in and out of the house after dinner. You can still spend time with your guests while cleaning up after the meal! Consider adding a built in cooler to your counter top as well for storing cold foods and beverages.
  • Consider materials – An outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your landscaping/hardscaping. You want it to stand out a little bit so that your outdoor kitchen is appreciated, but getting it to blend in with your existing hardscaping is a great way to add to your landscape design. Try using natural stone to build around the grill and a stone slab for the counter if your backyard already has a natural look to it. Guests will love the way that you’ve worked with your existing space to add something with a little flair.
  • Add a dining area – You don’t have to break the bank on a dining area. Throwing together a rustic looking table and chair set with a canopy can actually be a pretty affordable project that will complement your outdoor kitchen and leave your guests talking long after dinner. Keep the dining area fairly close to the kitchen so you can still play host while cooking and so that your drinks and food are close for seconds and long summer nights. An open-air dining room will quickly become synonymous with summer for you and your guests.

There are many design tips that we could give you for an outdoor kitchen, but these are some of the basics. To learn more about outdoor kitchens and get started designing yours, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or clicking here today! You can also follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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