Multi-level patios can add incredible dimension and function to any outdoor space.

Multi-level patios can add incredible dimension and function to any outdoor space.

It’s officially Memorial Day weekend, and many homeowners are looking forward to embracing the weather and spending time outdoors with their family and friends. Is your backyard equipped to entertain? If you host a crab feast or BBQ, where will your guests sit? There is an affordable way to transform your outdoor space – design your perfect backyard patio! Let’s talk about how we can help.

Choose From Diverse Patio Materials

When it comes to backyard patio or walkway construction, there are various types of materials that are ideal for the job. Deciding which material is the best suited for your property needs all depends on what your vision is for your patio and how you plan to utilize it. Do you need a durable, yet affordable option that doesn’t compromise aesthetic appeal? Consider designing a backyard patio made of concrete pavers, poured, or stamped concrete. Concrete is one of the most affordable patio materials.

You can also design your backyard patio using patterned natural stone of irregular natural stone. This material tends to cost more but it can deliver a stunning, unique, and quaint visual appeal. We can also use the following materials for patio and walkway construction: structural stone, brick masonry, cultured/manufactured stone, and clay/brick pavers.

Customize Your Perfect Backyard Patio

At Rhine Landscaping, our expert staff of landscape designers can help you customize the backyard patio you have always dreamed of. If that patio happens to be an elaborate, terraced, multi-level patio system – no problem! We have experience designing and building patios and walkways that are range from incredibly simple to uniquely extravagant. Multi-level patio designs are a great option for homeowners who want to add dimension to their outdoor space and enhance their ability to comfortably entertain. We can also integrate the following hardscaping features into your perfect patio design:

Ready for the Landscaping Professionals to Give You a Hand?

At Rhine Landscaping, we do everything from re-grading lawns, installing French drains, connecting downspouts to underground drainage systems, and basement waterproofing. We have the experience and manpower to take on your toughest drainage problems. Please view the attachment here for our different drains and styles.

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