If you think your design options are limited by the size of your backyard, think again. Small backyards have just as much potential as large lawns. With the proper landscaping, you can transform your tiny backyard into the backyard of your dreams.

This article from eHow.com explains how.

Multiple Levels

Landscaping your yard to include a variety of levels is a great way to give your small backyard a larger feel. How many levels are up to you, but consult a professional landscaper to help plan everything out. You can construct a multi-level section in your backyard by building up the soil in one place and implementing a retaining wall around it.


Another form of multi-layer design, a deck is a great way to expand upon your small yard. You can either create a platform deck in any area of your yard or you can build a deck as an extension of your home. And if you build it high enough, you can attach a lower level, better utilizing your space.

Water Features

Bodies of water can break up your small backyard and add the illusion of space. They are also an aesthetically pleasing and peaceful addition to any yard.


Use short bushes and trees to form a natural border around your yard instead of using a fence. This will make you lawn appear bigger. Additionally Vines can be used to help hide outdoor enclosures, like sheds or fences. Choose vines that grow a lot of leaves so you cannot see anything through the vines.

Be creative. Use a combination of these techniques to make your small backyard really come to life. If you have any questions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

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