Landscaping a deck transforms it from a barren assemblage of wood to a fruitful outdoor space that extends the square footage of your home.  Here at Rhine Landscaping, we can help you turn your deck from a sparsely used expanse of yard to an abundantly utilized portion of property.  Below are just a few of our tips to help you spruce up your deck and make the most of your extra outdoor floor space.

It’s All in the Details

Inside your home, you wouldn’t redecorate a room 90% of the way and then throw in the towel, leaving your crown molding unpainted and failing to swap out outdated fixtures for new ones.  It should be the same with your deck: don’t skimp on the finishing touches.  Close off the area underneath your deck with lattice woodwork to conceal crossbeams and pillars and create an ideal setting for a small garden.  Frame your deck with a bordering of plants to bring greenery and softness to the sharp edges of lumber.  In order to help prevent the growth of weeds and formation of mud and runoff, consider adding gravel underneath or around the deck to promote drainage and quash unwanted growth.

Don’t forget this essential step, either: landscaping your steps.  Planting gardens on either side of your steps or flanking them with potted flowers and shrubs creates a lush and inviting entryway.

Living Large

When furnishing your outdoor living space, it’s important to consider your needs as a homeowner before selecting pieces for your deck.  It’s a good idea to think about creating distinct areas for whatever your needs may be – whether it be a dining section, socialization area, cooking space, potting place, or otherwise.  In order to create division between the areas while still having a cohesive design, incorporate coordinating flowerpots, accent tables, and plants you love into your living space.

Accessorize your Look


Develop a unified plan for your deck by selecting pots that harmonize with your furniture and décor.  Bring height and additional levels to the space by strategically placing hanging planters brimming with trailing annuals in bloom.  Also remember that topiaries can help to bring the eye level upwards, and empty corners won’t be wasted space with the addition of pretty potted flowers.

Adding plants to your deck makes it connect with the garden in your yard, so that each space seems relevant and related to one another.  Container gardens with varying heights and correlating colors and small ceramics on tabletops bring foliage to your deck.

At Rhine Landscaping, our team of professionals can assist you in giving your deck a makeover with beautiful surrounding gardens and plants to liven up your additional living space.

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Landscaping Ideas for Decks