There is perhaps no more frustrating experience for a homeowner than dealing with a flooded basement. A basement flood can be a major disaster, especially if your basement is carpeted.

  1. Act quickly
  2. Cut the power to the basement if the water is near electrical sockets
  3. Remove standing water
  4. Dry EVERYTHING. Otherwise mold and mildew may become a problem
  5. If the project is too big, consult a water damage restoration expert!

Of course, once you have completely restored your basement to its pre-flood glory, you will need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your basement never floods again!

Check Your Gutters: A likely culprit to your flooded basement is your gutters. Clogged, overflowing, and broken gutters can direct excess water into your basement. You can test your gutters by spraying water from a hose onto your roof or directly into the gutter. Do this at several locations to make sure that all of your gutters and drainpipes are functioning properly.

If you find any problems, fix them immediately to avoid another basement flooding.

Install A French Drain: The #1 culprit of basement flooding is poor drainage. Installing a French drain, also known as a trench drain, can quickly eliminate any drainage issue.

If you decide to install a trench drain, give the landscaping experts at Rhine Landscaping a call!

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Dealing with Basement Flooding