3D landscape designDesigning your own custom landscaping can be a challenge. You have to decide exactly what you want everything to look like without getting a complete visual of it. You like the idea, but will you still like it when the actual, physical landscaping is finished? It’s bound to look at least a little bit different than you envisioned in your mind – that’s where three dimensional design technologies come in. If you’ve ever wanted to see exactly what you’re getting before you go to all the hard work of actually creating it, you should find a residential landscaping contractor that uses 3D technology.

Benefits of 3D Technology for Landscaping

  • See everything before you build it – We mean everything. 3D landscaping technologies allow us to put every little detail down so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you get it. Imagine building a house and yard for the game, “The Sims.” It’s a lot like that, except even more detailed. You’re able to choose that types of plants that you would want as well as any hardscaping features.
  • Experiment with it – There are probably things that you’ve never considered doing with your landscaping for one reason or another. Either you don’t think it will look good in your yard or it’s something that you haven’t been introduced to yet. Being able to manipulate the area that you want to landscape on a computer will help you get a better idea of what can be done and what it will look like when it’s finished!
  • Make changes quickly and easily – Having a 3D view of the area that you want to landscape can help give you peace of mind in the decisions that you’ve made for your new landscaping. If you decide that you do want to make a change, though, you can easily change it right on the screen to see if you want to physically make that change. The great part about using computer technology is that you won’t have to start from scratch on the design – it’s simple to add or change things whenever you want to.

Hiring a Landscape Designer that Uses 3D Design Tools

When considering making large scale changes to your property it’s vital to consult a professional. Rhine Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with individualized service and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. With a strong team of experienced and qualified professionals, including architects, engineers and landscape designers, Rhine has a track record of taking the simplest to the most complex project from dream to reality. If you’re interested in professional landscaping or professional landscape maintenance, call us at (410)-442-2445 or fill out our online contact form today to talk to someone about your free estimate!

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