garden bed edges

You can finish off your clean edges with some cut stone for a professional look!

Edging is a critical part of cohesive landscaping. Edging is the creation of a defining line between different landscaping features, such as a garden or a lawn. Garden bed edges add clear boundaries, definition, and a sense of controlled neatness to landscaping. The clean look of sharp edging can take a property to the next level when it comes to curb appeal. Read on to discover ways you can ensure your garden bed edges are absolutely perfect and add everything they possibly can to your overall landscaping.

Make Plans

Know where and how you want your edging to be laid out before you start. This will yield the best possible results. Map out exactly how you want it to look, and be sure to keep it all in perspective as you work. Check on your progress occasionally to be sure that you are moving in the right direction. Having these six things right from the outset will make your edging journey very easy.

  • Long hoses
  • Spray paint
  • A spray can holder
  • A friend to offer help
  • An edging tool
  • A whole lot of patience

The Importance Of Mapping

While creating garden bed edges may seem like a no-brainer, it is often very easy to tell bed lines that were laid by professionals from those that were laid by amateurs. Professionals know the benefit of careful planning, which leads to a smooth and aesthetically appealing flow. However, the bed lines of many DIYers are choppy, jagged, crooked, or just plain uneven.

How To Create Straight Lines Like A Pro

If you want your edging to be a simple straight line edge that goes from one point to the other, setting a string line between the two points will be massively helpful. Mark that line with spray paint, so when you edge you have a visible guiding line and do not veer off course accidentally.

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