Taking the cooking experience out of the kitchen and out of doors instead is a transformative experience that welcomes social situations. Though freestanding grills are the reigning rulers in the world of backyard barbeques, there are several other superb selections for your outdoor cuisine-preparation needs. Pizza ovens or barbeque pits are classic cooking apparatuses that use retained heat, a live fire, and hot coals to create ideal cooking environments.

At Rhine Landscaping, we can help you to install a pizza oven or barbecue pit that blends with the design of your backyard space while increasing its functionality.

With a BBQ pit, you’ll want the assistance of professionals to help you determine the proper location of your cooking equipment. Placed too far from the home, and it’s in an inconvenient locale from the kitchen in the interior of your home. Too close, however, and you risk a house that smells like smoke.

A well-leveled space, either on a patio or flat piece of land that has space for a concrete or brick foundation, is essential, and the Rhine professionals can create an appropriate area for you.

Pizza ovens have similar installation needs, and with a brick oven in your own backyard, you can usher a taste of authentic wood-fired pizza to your own home. By absorbing heat from a fire and reflecting it back into the center of the oven, properly built ovens of this variety will literally cook a pizza in minutes. They are energy efficient, too, in that just a few coals can keep the oven hot all day long, since they retain temperatures so well. Just don’t forget to invest in a peel – a long spatula on a pole – and a thermometer to avoid burning yourself and your doughy, cheesy creations.

Both brick ovens and BBQ pits serve as excellent gathering places for family and friends, transforming food preparation into a communal activity for all to enjoy. Let us help you create bonding moments with those you love by installing one of these outdoor cooking devices in your backyard space.

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BBQs and Pizza Ovens: Outdoor Cooking