Deer can be a huge pest and ruin your garden, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent that.

There’s nothing worse than putting an immense amount of time and hard work into your garden only to have it ruined by deer. Deer can do massive amounts of damage to your property if left unchecked, so it’s critical that we take measures to prevent deer from wrecking our gardens. If you’ve been experiencing deer issues in your garden, don’t worry! There are a few basic steps you can take to prevent it from ever getting out of hand again. Read on below to find out more.

Using a Fence

Fences are a pretty obvious anti-deer measure to take. That said, there are a few specific standards to make a fence effective against deer. For example, deer have been recorded jumping over barriers as high as eight-foot, so your fence must be at least that high. You may also want to look into wireless deer fence if your HOA doesn’t allow regular fences or if you just don’t want a fence whatsoever. When using a wireless deer fence, posts are placed around your garden that emit a deer attractant–these posts then deliver a harmless shock to deer that touch them, which keeps your garden safe from pesky deer.

Deer Repellants

There are spray and granule deer repellants available on the market, which are used directly on plants to repel deer. They’re safe to use on flowers and shrubs, but check to make sure that whichever one you intend to use is safe for food or herbs. These are effective methods of deer control, but you may need to switch up what kinds you use every once in awhile to keep it maximally effective.

Plant Plants Deer Don’t Like

There are certain plants that deer just outright dislike. In the annuals class, marigolds, salvia, and sweet alyssum are all great options for deer control. If you’re looking for perennials, you may want to try hyacinths, ferns, yarrow, daffodils, lavender, peonies, and monkshood. Sweetshrub and Japanese kerria trees and shrubs that deer really hate. If you’re working with a landscape designer and are concerned about deer, be sure to ask how you can keep your garden safe.

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