soil solarizationWhen you buy a home you are making a very large investment. So, to protect the future of your home, waterproofing options are available to you. Why not invest in a French drain? They’re simple, cost effective, and can be installed quickly.

What is a French drain?

A French drain is a system that will help to keep your basement and the sides of your home from sustaining water damage. Specifically, a French drain utilizes either a downhill slope or a sump pump to keep water from collecting in your basement or in the ground around your home. A trench is dug into your yard and is then lined with gravel and, most likely, covered with sand. This allows for the water to trickle into the little drain system and prevents it from forming a puddle. A pipe is often placed to help streamline the excess water. With a French drain you can also move water from your home and send it to your garden, but only if your garden is on a lower elevation.

French drains are cost effective.

Though there are many options for waterproofing your home’s foundation, installing a French drain is one of the best options if you want to save some money. The process is relatively easy if you already live on a hill, though it can be a little more difficult if you need a sump pump installed to carry the water away. The key to making the French drain your best financial option is in using the highest quality materials and using a filter. If you invest in the proper building materials now, then this may be the only investment you will need to make. The filter will collect any soil or gravel that may clog the pipe, so investing in a proper filter will keep you from having to replace the entire drain down the line.

There are potential issues.

Potential issues may arise with a French drain that hasn’t been properly installed. Without the filter, a French drain can clog throughout which will force you to spend more time and money later when you need to dig up the gravel. Another issue is backflow. Sometimes when the soil at the end of the drain is too saturated, there will be excess water sent back into the original problem area. This can be avoided with proper placement planning, but should definitely be kept in mind.

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