It’s winter and that means it’s time to consider what the season can do to your precious trees.

Now that winter is in full-force, it’s the time to keep your eyes peeled for potential damage to the trees in your yard. While most trees seem to have no problem in the winter, there are some common issues that even the most hearty tree can have when the winter weather hits. Since Maryland has a wide variety of trees, from thick-trunked oaks to delicate magnolias, checking your tree before the cold hits is ideal, but staying vigilant during the winter weather is just as important. If you’ve noticed some things that are off about your trees, it’s critical to contact a professional. Especially with tall branches or branches that lean over homes or cars, getting them pruned off before they cause serious damage is critical.

Snow and Ice Damage

Perhaps the most common form of damage in winter is from snow and ice. If your tree has delicate branches, a medium to heavy snowfall can crack them or break them off. Even big, established trees can be weighed down and broken by ice damage. You can avoid these problems by properly pruning them in fall after their leaves are gone. A broken branch could land on your house or your car, depending on where the tree is and how tall it is. If you’re not sure if your branches are at risk, consult a landscape expert or arborist.

Root and Trunk Damage

Root and trunk damage can be harder to detect in the winter. Too much water around your roots when it snows can cause your tree roots to rot during the winter, which means your tree will deteriorate or even fall over entirely. If you’ve noticed water pooling around your trees in the past, you should consult a landscaping company about grading to save your trees. You can also check the mulching around your tree, ensure that there is the proper amount and it’s not piled too high or piled against the tree’s trunk, as the mulch will help with water draining.

Wind Damage

Wind always accompanies the cold weather, as storms bring howling winds. Even though the snow and ice by themselves can damage trees, in harsh winds, branches are particularly vulnerable to falling off and damaging homes or cars if not properly cared for. The best way to combat this type of damage is pruning before winter.

Rhine Landscaping Can Help With your Winter Tree Maintenance

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