landscaping With so many online guides to landscaping, it’s no wonder that people often find themselves confused, or committing errors. It’s hard to know if your source is reputable, and often advice that works for one person’s yard may not work for another’s.  Rather than offer specific advice that may not work for you,  Rhine Landscaping is here with a guide on what NOT to do when it comes to landscaping. So put down the pruning shears and potting soil and listen up. You just might be surprised.

Don’t Install Plants That Will Outgrow Their Foundation

Foundation planting is a first step towards personal landscaping that’s often recommended by Maryland landscaping publications and websites as an excellent start for beginners. This can often send excited homeowners into a tizzy, quickly purchasing and planting to fill this space. What they don’t often plan for is that plants grow, often substantially and that filling your foundation immediately will result in plants shooting out all over the place, necessitating frequent pruning. Do yourself a favor and plant sparsely at first, with full knowledge of your plant’s maximum size.

Don’t Prune Too Quickly

You’ve got a long line of perfectly manicured shrubs surrounding your property. Suddenly your eye catches an errant branch timidly jutting out from formation. You hand slides coolly down to your leather holster. It’s pruning time. But hold that itchy trigger finger Tex! It’s great to take pride in keeping a well-manicured Maryland lawn but pruning too quickly and too often can permanently damage plants. Do the research to find out when the best time to prune your shrubs is, and stick to that schedule.

Want To Cut Down on Landscaping Mistakes by 100%?

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