There’s quite a number of landscaping tutorials to be found online, a large percentage of which offer conflicting opinions or misinformation. Doubtlessly, your most assured recipe for success is hiring a professional who knows what’s what when it comes to lawn care. But if you insist on DIY there’s a definite list of mistakes you should avoid when landscaping your Baltimore lawn and Rhine landscaping is here with what, when, and why you shouldn’t make them.Landscaping Mistake

Don’t Plant Overly Aggressive Ground Cover

Ground cover describes a plant or plants that keep low to the ground and fill in gaps in a landscape that might fall prey to invasive weeds. While ground cover needs to have a certain level of aggressiveness to spread quickly and completely, if you choose the wrong plant you may end up with more than you bargained for. Overly aggressive ground cover often ends up with you being forced to fight it just as you would a common wee. A landscaping professional familiar with Baltimore will be able to locate a ground cover that is right for your yard.

Don’t Install Plants Around a Foundation If They will Outgrow It

Planting around a foundation is a standard and easy method of landscaping yards. Even those with no formal landscape training can draft a symmetrical and appealing plan. A critical mistake man Baltimore homeowners make when undertaking this process is planting fast-growing plants, trees, and shrubs that will eventually grow too big for their foundation, necessitating frequent pruning. Make sure to know a plant’s expected adult size prior to planting. Of course, a qualified landscaping company can easily find the right plants for a foundation that will look beautiful and stay exactly where they should.

Don’t Purchase Mulch Without Research

All mulches are not created equal, despite amateur landscaper’s tendency to simply purchase the cheapest or best advertised mulch they can find in their local garden center. Mulches are often vastly different from one another and the wrong choice can turn your Baltimore yard from Eden into a veritable wasteland. Make sure the mulch you buy works for the plants in your yard.

Want to Easily Prevent Landscaping Mishaps and Mistakes?

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