choosing the right water featureWater, of course, is essential to life on earth. It can also be beneficial to your own life at home. The sound of running water is utterly relaxing, and the sight of it is extremely elegant. Incorporating a water feature into your landscaping plan can add a wonderful sense of serenity and beauty to your home environment. However, it’s essential that you select an appropriate water feature for your specific landscape.

First off, consider the amount of space needed for your project. You should choose your water feature based on the amount of space available for landscaping. Some prefabricated water features have strict space requirements. Make sure you measure twice and cut once. Also, remember that after constructing your water feature, you will have to find a use for the all dirt it displaced.

Location, Location, Location
The location for your water feature must be free of underground utilities. So, before committing to a location, check with your local utility company whether or not it is safe to dig.

Also consider the amount of sun a location gets and the amount of sunlight your water feature will require. Aquatic plants generally need four to six hours of sunlight daily.

Lastly, consider the angle and altitude of your potential landscaping location. To avoid fertilizer and rainwater runoff, choose an even, elevated area for your water feature.

Ensuring Safety
Safety is the number one priority in landscaping. So, if children or pets will be wandering your garden, you must be careful to maintain both their safety and the safety of your water feature. You may specifically select a child and pet-friendly water feature, or you could simple construct your water feature in a fenced off area.

Let there be Life
Both flora and fauna can be gorgeous additions to your garden. Koi are a traditional choice for adding aquatic life to a water feature, but don’t discount plant life and alternative breeds of fish. Make sure you have the knowledge and resources to properly care for your chosen wildlife.

Money Matters
Of course, you must be aware of your budget. Keep track of the cost of materials and installation for your water feature before becoming too dedicated to it. There are water features to suit every budget if you only look for them.

Seal of Approval
If you will be performing extensive plumbing work to create your water feature, you may need a permit. Check with local authorities whether or not your landscaping project requires approval.

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