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The best thing about being able to have a large backyard is the potential to install an inground pool. However, planning that vision you have for your pool may indeed be harder than you think. Before you embark on designing your perfect backyard pool, consider these tips to ensure that you devise the perfect plan to execute your vision to perfection!

There are a few different types of inground pools: concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. It is important to know which material is best for your purposes.


The benefit of using a concrete pool is how customizable it can truly be. If you are looking to create a unique inground pool for you and your family to enjoy, you may want to consider a concrete pool. However, it’s important to note that installing a concrete pool takes a long time compared to other inground pool materials. That being said, they are the strongest and can withstand myriad weather conditions making them the most durable option available.


On the other hand, vinyl pools are usually made from a preformed flexible liner. This means that the liner can easily be punctured by pool toys or any sharp objects that may find their way into your pool. Although these liners can be easily repaired, it is an extra cost added to the actual installation that may affect your wallet in the long run.


Lastly, fiberglass pools are made with a smooth gel that that is durable and stain resistant. Most fiberglass pools are made in a factory and molded into a bowl-shaped structure. A crane is involved to properly install a fiberglass pool. The drawback to fiberglass pools is their limited colors, shapes, and sizes. As such, they are shipped via truck and can take a long time to get them delivered to your home.

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