When it comes to landscaping projects involving stone, you must balance all of the following factors: aesthetic appeal, functionality, practicality, and durability. A good home improvement project must incorporate all of those factors while also being affordable.

Oh yes, affordability. Who could forget?

More often than not, your home improvement budget restricts your project more than any of the other aforementioned factors. Luckily, however, the stone products of today are vastly improved from what they once were. Now, you can create elaborate landscape designs that would have once only been reserved for those homeowners with extravagant budgets.

Today, natural stone veneer comes in full veneer (NFV), thin veneer (NTHV) and man-made veneer.

Natural Full Veneer:

  1. Typically NFV is 3-5 inches thick.
  2. This thickness provides an insulation factor not found in the thinner veneer.
  3. Its weight makes it cost prohibitive to transport.
  4. Can be used in weight bearing formats.
  5. Due to its weight, it requires the building of support footers, foundations or brick ledges.
  6. The additional support structures required adds to the cost of this product, so be sure to consider this when you make your decision.

Natural Thin Veneer:

  1. NTV is 1-1 1/4 inches thick.
  2. Because it is natural, its pattern is varied (no two are identical).
  3. Required to be less than 15 lbs./ sq ft.
  4. Its light weight allows for easier handling, requires no elaborate support structure and reduces the shipping costs.
  5. Can be placed over existing materials, as long as the material is clean and not in a state of disrepair.
  6. Requires less time to install.
  7. Can be used on zero tolerance fireplaces.
  8. Can be cut to fit specific angles and corners.
  9. Used in both interior and exterior designs.
  10. Does not absorb water, therefore, expansion, freezing and cracking are not an issue.
  11. They are not meant to be used in a weight bearing design.
  12. Limited insulation factor, if any at all.

Man-Made Veneer:

  1. 1-1 1/4 inches thick.
  2. Less than 15 lbs/sq ft.
  3. Less expensive.
  4. Weight allows for lower shipping cost.
  5. Comes in a variety of colors and designs.
  6. Precut angles, which allows for true 90 degree corners.
  7. As with NTV, can be placed over existing material.
  8. Non weight bearing.
  9. Due to the manmade nature, there is no variation in the pattern making for a more artificial look.

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