2024 Landscaping & Hardscaping in Howard County: Innovations and Trends for Your Outdoor Space

Welcome to 2024: A New Era of Landscaping and Hardscaping in Howard County As we embrace 2024, it's time to look at the innovative landscaping and hardscaping trends that are reshaping outdoor spaces in Howard County, Maryland. This year, the focus is on creating sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. Let's explore the trends [...]

Benefits of a Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance Plan

A seasonal maintenance plan for your yard in the spring can have several benefits.  At Rhine, we offer customized seasonal maintenance packages to ensure your landscape is vibrant, healthy, and thriving. Rhine Landscaping has an ISA certified arborist in-house and is able to effectively plan the planting of trees and shrubs as well as diagnose problems [...]

Hardscaping Services for Winter

While the winter season is generally slow for landscaping projects in Howard County, there are many opportunities to enhance your lawn and landscape around your home. Backyard patio, multi-level, including steps and walls. Patios Patios are one of Rhine's most popular outdoor living space options.  Oftentimes, homeowners prefer these to be built over the winter [...]

Landscaping Planning Tips

Landscaping Planning Tips for Your Home & Outdoor Living Spaces As we are about halfway through the spring season, with our eye on summertime, it's never too late to work on your landscaping for the remainder of this year, tweak  a few things, or plan for the next season.  It might be overwhelming to determine [...]

Effectiveness of a French Drain

💦What is a French Drain System and How Effective is It?💦 https://rhinelandscaping.com/waterproofing-drainage/ https://rhinewatermanagement.com 410-442-2445   Flooded basement? Pooling water in your lawn? If you are having drainage issues, Rhine Landscaping can help. The last thing you want in your home, or surrounding your home’s foundation, is water. It can cause so many problems that insurance [...]

Spring Landscaping Tips

It's Friday, it's a cool spring day, and with a nice weekend ahead, here are some easy spring landscaping tips for your home! 🌳🌷 rhinelandscaping.com 410-442-2445 🌻🌼 Need any landscaping help? Let us know! Start with the soil: If left unattended since last season, your soil could dried out. Add moisture and nourishment with organic [...]

Earth Day

🌎 Earth Day 2022 🌎   rhinelandscaping.com 410-442-2445   We hope everyone is able to take time and begin enjoying the warmer weather. Now is a great time to take advantage of this time of year by working on your exterior landscape. Of course, if you need assistance, we are happy to help.   Events [...]

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