Maryland Landscaping Advice: Don’t Forget the Pool

Outdated and unkempt landscape not only decreases your home’s aesthetic value, but also your home’s property value. So if your home falls into this category, it is probably time to give your landscape a little face-lift. While you should definitely pay attention to your softscape – law, bushes, trees, flowers, and other plants – you [...]

2012 Landscaping Trends

Often considered “softscape,” trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, are the outdoor elements that make your house a home. And like everything else, these ornate landscape features are subject to trends. So what are landscapers expecting to be trending in 2012? Water Conservation: People are becoming more conscious of the way in which they use water, attempting [...]

What’s New in the World of Landscaping?

In 2016, there are plenty of new trends that are shaping the way landscaping is evolving. Landscaping is an ever-changing world or aesthetics and practicality.  Your backyard might be “in” for one season and completely outdated by that time next year.  In 2016, there are plenty of new trends that are shaping the [...]

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Holiday Landscaping Year Round: Tips from Maryland Landscaping Company

During the holiday season, we bring the indoors out, giving Christmas trees a spot to thrive in our homes and holly a hangout. Many of the plants used as decorative items this time of year make an equally decorative addition to landscapes year round. Plus, with access to material to create garlands, centerpieces, and wreaths, [...]

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Staycate with a Retreat to Enjoy for Years: Howard County Patio Installation

Staycations: they’re becoming a staple, a mainstay, a popular alternative to jetsetting to faraway destinations. Some people opt to save the money spent on airfare and instead spend some quality time catching up with favorite sitcoms or checking off books on the “To Read” list while vacationing at home. Others take the cash they’d sink [...]

Fire Pits and your Backyard :: 2012 Landscaping Trends

One of the hottest trends (pun intended) in landscaping this year is the Fire Pit, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects! In fact, according to their survey, the ASLA found that fire pits and fireplaces are among the top three most sought-after landscape features for the 2012 season. Benefits of Fire Pits and [...]

The Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces :: Baltimore, Maryland Landscaping

Do you want a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while also improving the functionality of your landscape while also creating a focal point for outdoor gatherings? It may be easier than you think… Installing an Outdoor Fireplace is a great way to easily improve your landscape. The many benefits of an [...]

2012 is the Year of the Back Yard Patio :: Landscaping Trends

With more and more homeowners looking for home improvement projects that will improve not only aesthetics, but also home value and functionality, back yard patios have started to soar in popularity. 2012 Landscaping Trends Backyard Entertaining: With the economy still reeling from the recession, more families are opting to forgo expensive vacations in favor of [...]

Landscaping Tips for Thanksgiving

As the weather begins to get consistently cooler, many folks begin to change their landscaping.  To keep things looking proper and minimize the amount of work needed in the spring, there are some steps that you can take to accomplish these tasks.  For help with seasonal lawn maintenance in Howard County, Montgomery County, or Baltimore County, contact [...]

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