Outdoor Living Trends for 2012

Cultivating and customizing the backyard is an American love affair that will never waver with time. Even in 2012, according to a survey done by the American Society of Landscape Architects,  there's a high preference for transforming outdoor space for entertaining. Despite the sluggish economy, residential design has remained stronger than other categories throughout the [...]

The Pros and Cons Landscape Water Feature Design

Your current landscape is nice. It just seems to be missing something, though. But what? Well, have you ever considered adding a water feature, like a pond, fountain or stream? These features can really give you landscape that aesthetic element it was missing. Below you will find the pros and cons of the water features [...]

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

With less than two weeks until spring, there are many quick and easy tasks you can do to ensure your lawn is ready for the warmer weather.  We have provided a handful of tips that take only a few moments, and if you need additional assistance, we are here to help! […]

Spruce Tree Disease and Remedies

Spruces trees can be found all throughout the Maryland region. They are widely known for their vibrant color and ability to provide an incredible natural barrier. "Your Spruce Tree is Dead" However, there has been an increase in fungal diseases among spruce trees. There are many reasons why this can take place, from needle casting, [...]

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Landscaping for Your Front Entry Way

Brighten your entry way with some colorful annuals. They will provide that extra bit of color your landscape needs. What does your landscaping say about you – is your entryway messy and unkempt? Or is it well groomed and inviting? Your landscape is your first chance to give your visitors a good impression [...]

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A Peek at New Plants this Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your landscape in order. And nothing gives your garden that undeniable curb appeal like new, breathtaking plants. New Flowers to Liven up your Landscape Starlite Prairieblues: This plant’s beautiful periwinkle blue flowers with buttery-yellow keels will grow to 3-6 inches tall. Cherries [...]

Building the Perfect Outdoor Living Space :: Outdoor Room

Over the last couple of years, outdoor rooms, also known as outdoor living spaces, have grown in popularity. These entertainment forums offer homeowners the comforts of home mixed with the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors. It is the best of both worlds! What is an Outdoor Room? An outdoor room can be whatever you want [...]

Simple Tips to Enhance Your Outdoor Garden

  A home garden serves several purposes. It can enhance the curb appeal of your home. It can provide delicious, fresh produce. It can also be a nice, relaxing hobby. Whatever your reason for maintaining a home garden, we at Rhine Landscaping have a few simple tips to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. [...]

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